My Second Attempt At Getting To Know Me


My Second Attempt At Getting To Know Me

Hello again, even though I have already written an about me section, I decided to try to get the most out of WordPress, and take advantage of Blogging University. I am definitely not a very technologically inclined person, so I would have never dreamed that one day I would actually have the crazy idea of becoming a blogger and building my own website, however, I have learned in life to never say never. When I was a child, I use to love writing, just about anything, from poetry to long stories, and everything in between. I learned through the years, that everything that we often value as children, are almost always replaced with grown up duties. As I have entered into my mid 20’s, (haha! who am I fooling?!)  as I have gotten older it seems like with every decade, I have new interests. I am not saying that everything that I once did is not still an occasional thought, yet I seem to have brighter thoughts of doing things that I at one time thought would not even be a factor even as I aged. I guess that is what growing up is all about, or maybe I am just doing it wrong! Lol.

As a child, I would like to say that I was ok, but I do not think that would be the case. I say this because I compare myself and how I acted to that of my own girls, and I know that if my children did some of the things that I did, I would quite possibly kill over! I did make good grades until I declared myself a grown up at the age of 15 or 16 years old. And I am sure that many people were fooled by the good grades and cheer-leading, and so they did not think much of it, however after going through with a planned pregnancy, I do believe that others then understood that there was more to me than that of being the cheerleader that made good grades. After all, having a child at 15 years old I believe was then and is probably still now looked down upon by some people. I do not regret having my son at such an early age, actually if I was to be totally honest, having him was probably one of the best decisions that I have made in my life, however, what I am not happy about is some of the decisions that he has made since he has become an adult. At age 22 he has had his share of run ins with the law, and I cannot seem to shake the thought that even though I raised him, (not my parents, like a lot of teenage mothers, I know that I contributed to some of those issues that are now showing up in his adulthood. Anyways, I am sure that I will talk more on that at another time. I just wanted you guys to get an understanding of what I meant by me saying that I would kill over if my girls attempted things that I did as a child.

My girls, have been fairly easy to raise, except for the occasional throwing of temper tantrums, and not totally understanding why they can not be a real princess! They have been a breeze to watch grow into small young women, even my now 17 year old! All of my children also like writing, which I believe to be outstanding! Heck who knows, maybe in the near future they will be writing their own blogs! They quite possibly have a lot to do with every new found interest that I have found. I know that the crafts were contributed to them! From helping them with school projects to trying to make things on a budget to help with organization, they always have seemed to have a small hand in the craftiness that occurred! It started when I had taken them out of public school and began home schooling them, and then it just grew into a hobby that I kind of am infatuated with. Just to know that you can accomplish something that you never dreamed of doing is a thrill for me. No, I am not a professional crafter! (By no means!) It is a hobby, and that is why I enjoy doing it so much, that is , when I have the time!

Other than the craft thing, this century has also opened me up to adventures in plants and being the caretaker of phalaenopsis orchids. I have never been one with a “green thumb.” I guess this is why I am so excited to mention this self learned skill, I did however watch some YouTube videos to figure some things out, after the untimely demise of 2 orchids! Actually, only 1 orchid died before my watching of you tube, then because I did not do my research, I had limited my resources to just that of one person and I do think that I was either given bad advice, or I totally misunderstood what I watched, and so became the fate of the 2nd orchid. Now, I do believe that I have the hang of things when it comes to my phals. I have even figured out that Lowes and other places as such will give you a huge dicount if you ask them due to the condition of the plants in the garden center! I got 4 of my phals for $3.00 each! I was so excited, especially when I had paid up to $25.00 for 1! Of course my husband thought that I was some crazy person who was really embarrassing him, but hey, i still got a great deal on some beautiful plants.