My Experience With Low THC Medical Marijuana, and What You Need To Know

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Over the years I knew that once medical marijuana was legalized, I would be a candidate for this type of “medical pain relief,” if you will. And honestly, I was happy about this and even embraced it with opened arms. As a younger adult, I was an advocate for the legalization of cannabis and I even wrote a college term paper on this exact subject. I knew that when I had been a user of marijuana, I enjoyed it, and it did not seem as though it were a hard and heavy drug that needed to be illegal; but never in a million years, did I think that I would be alive to actually watch as it became legalized, let alone be a patient whom it would be prescribed for as a medication.

Of course, this year to my surprise, it won the judgement of legalization in some form, across many states in the US. I thought to myself , how this was a great win for different patients all across the board, and especially for patients with chronic pain, to whom I am a part of. I had heard that there was marijuana that was specifically grown for the cannabinoids, or CBD, and that the THC would actually be very low within this type of cannabis. Which made me even more grateful, considering that a lot of things have changed since my wilder days, when I had less, or actually no real responsibility.

I can remember having issues with back pain, all the way back in 2004. That was when the owner of a company that I worked for, was nice enough to send me to a chiropractor and actually paid for the visit. (RIP BJ JOHNS) At this appointment, the chiropractor had examined me, and immediately asked me what type of head or neck trauma I had acquired in my past, due to what he had found within the x-rays that were taken. I told him that I had not been in any type of situation to cause anything to be wrong with my neck. At this point, he and I were both confused. I left that day, and just assumed that he did not know what he was talking about, even though he had pointed out that it seemed as though I had detrimental problems with my c-3 and c-4 vertebrae.

The years passed, and I was beginning to experience more and more chronic back pain, however I just assumed that this was normal aging. Then in 2012, the pain was really starting to take a toll on me, limiting my ability to work, do housework, and even play with my kids the way that I was once able to do. I ended up having two neck surgeries, the 1st one was in 2012, the 2nd one was 2014; neither of them were able to alleviate the pain, and actually made it extremely worse. The medications that I was on , were remarkably high doses of narcotics, and yet still were not able to conquer the pain that I was now feeling.

I filled out all the legal paperwork, and waited until my time (in line, so to speak) until being able to see a doctor to whom would acknowledge, that indeed my pain was severe enough to benefit from medical marijuana. At the time that I got to actually see the doctor, I was not able to purchase my medical marijuana, even though I had a patient id number, apparently I had to wait until the state sent me my confirmation of being able to purchase in the form of a “user registry” medical cannabis identification card. I believe that the required time is actually 90 days, and I was going into my 5th month.

Once I received confirmation then I was able to go to the dispensary and purchase my medical cannabis. There were all types, liquids, sheets, vapes, and even capsules; and then there were also different flavors. It almost seemed unreal to me, like a candy store for marijuana. It seemed to far fetched, but this is how I was making since of it. I was going to just order the CBD oil, because I had recently tried it, and seemed to have a lot of success with it in limiting my pain, thus reducing the amount of narcotics that I had to take in. This was when the dispensary associate said to me, “that’s only cbd oil, and it may not work as well for your condition of pain, so you may want to actually get the low THC medical marijuana, which is actually what your doctor prescribed anyway.” I expressed how I had kids and “did not want to feel high.” He assured me that this would not be the case, and that the low THC was actually grown to not get the “high,” but to ease the pain. So I listened to him, and went on about my way.

I attempted this, “low THC, medical marijuana,” that was supposed to “not get me high,” on many different occasions, trying to find a happy medium. They had told me that I would have to find the right dosage for me, so I would have to try different amounts of the “tokes” from my vape pen, to get to the point to where I would be able to ease my pain. However, I realized soon, that this was helping me to mitigate the pain, but regardless, I was also becoming very high as well. This was very upsetting to me, I did not want to become high, I just wanted to diminish my chronic pain to be able to live the life that I once was able to do. However, how could I? If I was always high, I did not want to do anything, just sit there, nothing more, nothing less.





I’m Back!

Hi everyone! I know that I have been gone MIA for a long while, so I decided to write and try to catch some things up with everyone here! First, my 2 youngest girls decided that they “NEEDED TO BE HOME-SCHOOLED,” so of course, I am thinking to myself, “OK, this could be a good thing,” I mean, I thought it would be fun, we would not have to get up early in the mornings, we could stay in our pajamas all day, if we chose to, I would have more than enough time to be able to share with my daughters, this could work! I was told, that the kids would be able to learn at their own pace, so it seemed like this would be a good thing, and at first everything was going well, so I thought! lol That was until the girls actually realized that they actually would have to do a lot of work in order to remain home schooled. Everyday seemed to be struggle trying to get them to do what needed to be done, especially with my youngest! She knows she s the baby, and she definitely uses that to her advantage! However, as time went on, it seemed like I was constantly working with them, nonstop, around the clock, sometimes from morning until late at night! I was getting frustrated, and so were the girls! I mean, I thought this was going to be a breeze, and not to mention, my kids would be at home with me, so therefor, I knew they were safe, and not around any unnecessary bad influences. Needless to say they no longer liked me. They wanted to back to public school. It was crazy, the amount of work that they were having to conquer. I have never been accused of being an extremely patient kind of gal, so I knew that them returning back would probably be what was best for them, as well as for my own sanity!


You Will Be Shot…

You Will Be Shot…

So apparently there is some controversy over a police officer in Florida saying that if you pull a gun on him or his men and women in his department, that they will not hesitate to shoot you. I’m sorry, but I do not feel that this should be a problem, I am happy that some of the officers have this attitude lately. I am not happy for the police who are shooting innocent people without knowing the situation, or while “thinking that the person may have had a gun,” but I feel safer knowing that some police are not just standing by allowing people to pull guns on them and anyone else in the world. Yes, there has been a lot of innocent people who have lost their lives, and I am sorry for that, but I’m talking about the true police officers who put the citizens rights and safety above their own on a daily matter; I am talking about the police who have not lost sight of why they decided to go into the public safety field to begin with, to serve and protect, no matter the shade of anyone’s skin. However, I do not think that I want them to just stand by and be killed unnecessarily either. If they are in direct danger, why can’t they be honest about protecting themselves? Why should he have to apologize for saying that? Would You just stand by if this happened to you or your family? Or would you just let someone aim a gun and shoot you or your children and family? He did not say that he was just going to go around killing innocent people, just that if you pull a gun on him or his other coworkers you should plan on being shot, simple as that. I would think that the only people who would be offended would be the ones that would be thinking about doing some heinous crime, and then why would the police care if what they had to say offended them anyway? If you plan on pulling a gun on an innocent person, regardless if it is a cop or not, then why should you care if that person is saying that they will not hesitate to shoot back? Am I wrong for feeling this way? I feel that every life is of the most importance, and we should treat everyone in that same manner, no matter the shade of skin.I also feel that no matter the color of skin of the police that pulls you or me over, you and I should act as though it is a serious situation, and as I once heard Kevin Hart say about a talk with his loving late grandmother, we should all “act like you got some sense,” and wouldn’t there be less of a chance for things to go awry? I mean sure, we all know of the horror stories of police using their status to do dirty things, but they too are only humans. Just as civilians, some are good, and some are not so good, the only difference is that they have a badge. But sill human none the less.